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AIOP Essential Tools I Use
To Generate Leads and Make Money:
With AIOP or Any Program:

AIOP Premium Web Hosting
AIOP Pro Double Opt-In Autoresponder
AIOP Splash/Squeeze Builder
AIOP Tracker
AIOP Rotator
These tools would cost you several times more elsewhere than the $10 a month AIOP fee (plus $1.50 pay processor fee). Even without any money-making opportunity it is a fantastic bargain and these tools are essential to make money with AIOP or any other program.
AIOP Compensation Plan
A True Money-Making Machine!
You start by signing up for monthly payments of only $10 each (plus $1.50 fee that compensates for the pay processor charge).
You are practically even with only one active referral, after that you get all services and products for free!
You always keep all your Odd referrals (number 1,3,5,7,...) and pass up even (number 2,4,6,8...) to your sponsor.
IMPORTANT: From time to time we get the following objection to Pay Plan: "Why should I give away my referrals, I have to invest time and even money to sign them up? I definitely don't like it!"

Pay Plan is based on a simple and powerful principle "Give, and it will be given to you", passing up your even referrals is not a drawback, it's a benefit that makes this plan so powerful and profitable! Please continue reading, it will be explaned.
The Even referrals (those that stay with you) will pass to you ALL their Even referrals, just like you've passed up yours. Number 2,4,6,8, infinity..
They, together with your Even referrals become the members of your front line and will also pass all their Even referrals to you.

It's important to understand that your AIOP PayLine members, those that are generating $10 per month each for you, include your own Odd referrals, plus Even referrals passed up to you from them, plus Even referrals passed up to you by those passed up to you, and so it goes... to infinity! They all stay in your PayLine and pay you month after month!.

AIOP is Your Easy & Fast Road to Unlimited Income!
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